Kernel Regression Estimation of Fiber Orientation Mixtures in Diffusion MRI


This paper presents and evaluates a method for kernel regression estimation of fiber orientations and associated volume fractions for diffusion MR tractography and population-based atlas construction in clinical imaging studies of brain white matter. This is a model-based image processing technique in which representative fiber models are estimated from collections of component fiber models in model-valued image data. This extends prior work in nonparametric image processing and multi-compartment processing to provide computational tools for image interpolation, smoothing, and fusion with fiber orientation mixtures. In contrast to related work on multi-compartment processing, this approach is based on directional measures of divergence and includes data-adaptive extensions for model selection and bilateral filtering. This is useful for reconstructing complex anatomical features in clinical datasets analyzed with the ball-and-sticks model, and our framework's data-adaptive extensions are potentially useful for general multi-compartment image processing.

In NeuroImage 2016